HIGH…LOW Workshops

A series of creatively energetic workshops were initiated for over 50 local young people in the Deptford during the summer months of 2009 in partnership with Deptford Albany and Art in Perpetuity Trust APT studios. They were designed to encourage participants to become more aware of local regeneration and environmental issues, as discussed during the Deptford Creekside Charrette organised by Creative Process in 2008.

Initial ideas for these workshops evolved during collaborative discussions between artists Nicola Rae and Jack Brown. Ben Eastop from Creative Process also encouraged the developing workshop ideas and helped to facilitate the more innovative aspects of this project.

The workshops took place at APT’s expansive gallery space within the studio building accommodating a community of 40 local artists, with introductory sessions at The Albany. It was also an opportunity for young people to work site-specifically within APT’s outdoor project space beside Deptford Creek. A further experiential session included investigating and recording the environment in Deptford Creek, led by Nick Bertrand from the Creekside Centre.

Working alongside practising artists was an important aspect of these workshops – helping to facilitate creative work rather than having to teach with a curriculum in mind. APT studio artists Nicola Rae, Jack Brown and Tony Daley worked alongside the participants during these workshops. Jack Brown has helped to initiate previous education projects at APT.

One of the most rewarding outcomes of these workshops was the social and creative bonding through creativity that took place between the participants. APT became their territory for a week and we hope that this sense of ownership will stay with them.

Jack Brown and Nicola Rae 2009