Technical system

The artwork comprises a structure of galvanised metal framework supporting 165 standard exterior white LED lights. Each lamp serves as a single pixel within the word. The lights are synchronized with the Creek tide using a micro-controller featuring a real time clock and a database of predicted tide times.

HIGH…LOW uses low power, high intensity LED lights of 1 watt each. Although its power usage varies across the tidal patterns it’s average power consumption is less than 40 watts throughout the day and peak consumption is never more than 100 watts.

A small solar power photovoltaic (PV) generation unit has been installed on the roof of the Faircharm building to offset the power consumption of the artwork. The power generated from the solar installation is fed into to the main electricity grid. Like most grid-connected micro-generation schemes, when this energy is excess to immediate local requirements it becomes available for use elsewhere.

The energy requirements for this project and how this energy will be provided have been a key focus for the project. Using LED lighting, a low-energy approach has been developed that minimises the power requirements without compromising the artwork. The balance between energy use and generation will be monitored to assess the performance over time.