Deptford Creekside Charrette

HIGH…LOW was commissioned as part of the Deptford Creekside Charrette, an ambitious, participatory urban design exercise run by Creative Process in 2008 and supported by the London Development Agency.

A design team of architects, urban planners, ecologists, sustainability experts and artists were brought together for an intensive five-day event where feasible design ideas were developed and tested at three public meetings with a series of short feedback loops. The process is based on consultation with key stakeholders, including residents, landowners, local businesses, and community members who were all involved in providing responses to the design team’s ideas.

A final area plan was produced with proposals for how to make Deptford a more desirable and attractive place to live and work whilst retaining its originality. Although not a legally binding document, the process was supported by Lewisham Council’s planning department and will provide important guidelines to developers and others involved in the future regeneration of the area.

Three lead artists took part in the Charrette: Sarah King, Shona Kitchen and Patrick Semple, who were briefed to respond to the Creekside environment, linking artistic and local communities and catalyse creative thinking about the urban design and development of the area. Shona Kitchen was commissioned to develop her proposals for an interactive illuminated installation.

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